Publicity Subcommittee


Front row (left to right): Melina, Fatou, Julia
Missing: Aimie-Lee

Peer Review Subcommittee


Back row (left to right):  Sakala, Robert, Jessica, Maya, Zeinab, Rylee, Jessica, Cynthia, Nereah, Matt
Front row (left to right): Chloé, Najat, Myriam, Stephanie       

Back row (left to right): Jonathan, Matt, Keera, Konrad, Ghedona
Front row (left to right): Lydia, Samantha, Kheana, Julia       


Missing: Nancy, Amanda, Marc, Alexa, Samantha, Robyn, Emily, Audrey-Ann, Philippe, Daria, Pierre-Alain, Gabrielle, Noor, Devyn, Amy, Joyce, Kayla

Logistics Subcommittee


From left to right: Karlene, Shaianne, Gabrielle, Julia G., Julia Z

High School Liaison  Subcommittee

ICP high school Photo.JPG

From left to right: Amira , Sarah, Stephanie, Me, and Aimie-lee.  Missing members: Phillipe, Andie, Alexandra

Finance Subcommittee

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 8.52.51 PM.png

(Left to right): Kheana , Kayla , Breanna and Michelle
Missing: Divine