Mission and Vision


The conference mission is as follows:

  1. To promote interdisciplinary research related to the field of psychology.
  2. To promote knowledge translation and make research more accessible to the general public.
  3. To cultivate, strengthen, and diversify the understanding of the applications of science among future researchers.


An interdisciplinary approach to conducting research is becoming increasingly important for scientific pursuits. Not only are issues facing science becoming ever more complex, but it is often in the gaps between disciplines that innovative research grows. This need is particularly pressing in the case of psychology as it aims for a holistic understanding of the human mind, behaviour and emotions, and the way these are embedded in a web of broader social contexts.  
Furthermore, science does not flourish in a vacuum – as crucial as the dialogue between scientific disciplines is the dialogue between science and society. Reaching outside of the academic realm allows scientific research to become more accessible to the wider community and is crucial to its application to current societal issues. This process of knowledge mobilization and translation also brings important insight to researchers. It keeps them attuned to the questions that are relevant to people’s lives and to how the broader community understands and relates to their scientific endeavours.
Finally, offering high school students and individuals who wish to learn more about the current state of research an opportunity to be involved in an academic conference is an excellent method of nurturing their awareness and curiosity for research, answer any potential questions towards conducting research, and inspire them to pursue their studies at the university level.
It is in this view that graduate and undergraduate psychology students at the University of Ottawa have formed an academic conference dedicated to promoting interdisciplinary research related to psychology. The Interdisciplinary Conference in Psychology (ICP | CIP) Conférence interdisciplinaire en psychologie aims to promote the dialogue of perspectives, the confluence of different scientific methods and approaches, and knowledge translation. In this way, we can discover new questions that shed light on aspects of our research that we may have previously overlooked, develop new strategies to investigate longstanding issues, and promote dynamic research that contributes to the broader well-being of our society.