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Each year, students at the School of Psychology at the University of Ottawa organize the Interdisciplinary Conference in Psychology (ICP). ICP 2020 will be the 9th year!

Join us in the organization of this stimulating and unique event! Do you want to contribute to promoting and showcasing innovative research in psychology? Would you like to learn how an academic conference works, get involved, meet new people from the University of Ottawa and other universities? This is the organization for you!

You can become an associate member and/or a volunteer in any of our subcommittees at any point during the year: Finance, High School Liaison, Logistics, Peer-Review, and Publicity. An associate member works closely with a director to organize and plan the
conference throughout the year. A volunteer mainly helps with day-of conference activities. Check out the Committees Description page to learn more about what each committee is responsible for in the organization of ICP.


All applicants for the 2020 ICP team must present themselves at the Fall AGM September 12, 2019

Room: GSD 307 | Time: 10:00am-11:30am

This year we have several elected director positions to fill! Director positions can only be filled by graduate students. You must attend the Fall AGM in order to apply for an elected position. If you are unable to attend the general meeting, please email kbarb006@uottawa.ca or rshar069@uottawa.ca ASAP with your statement of interest and which position you are applying for.

Co-President (2 positions)

Main tasks:

  • Chair one of ICP’s subcommittees

  • Delegate responsibilities to their respective subcommittee members;

  • Be accountable for the performance of their subcommittee members;

  • Facilitate communication between their subcommittee and the chairs; and

  • Train a Director-In-Training.

Finance Subcommittee Director (1 position)

Main tasks:

  • Prepare and update the budget

  • Work closely with co-chairs and other committees (i.e., Logistics, High School Liaison, and Publicity).

  • Track expenses.

  • Write funding proposals.

  • Solicit internal and external sponsors.

  • Ensure sponsor recognition.

  • Oversee conference registration.

  • Prepare financial reports after the conference.

High School Liaison (1 position)

Main tasks:

  •  Communicate with schools.

  • Recruit classes to attend conference

  •  Prepare a program for students

  •  Coordinate with other committees.

Logistics (2 positions)

Main tasks:

  • Find speakers and debators.

  •  Coordinate social events.

  •  Coordinate accommodations and transportation for speakers.

  •  Create conference schedule and book rooms.

  •  Order and organize food.

  •  Oversee conference registration.

Peer Review (2 positions)

Main tasks:

  • Coordinate peer review process.

  •  Recruit professors to be reviewers.

  •  Organize training sessions.

  •  Review abstracts.

  •  Create conference proceedings book.

Publicity (2 positions)

Main tasks:

  •  Print and put up posters.

  •  Email conference info to universities.

  •  Promote conference on social media.

  •  Purchase merchandise.

  •  Manage website and social media platforms.

  •  Provide translation.

This year, we have various non-elected positions to fill:

Web Design Specialist (1 position) 

Main tasks:
• Oversee website management (knowledge of square space platform and photoshop is an asset)  
• Update and coordinate social media platforms in both English and French (bilingualism is
• Communicate with Publicity Director and coordinate with other subcommittees
2019 Objectives:

Translator (1 position)

 Main tasks:
• Translating and editing all digital forms of advertisement, communicative material, and
sponsorship templates. English and French bilingualism is a requirement.   
• Communicate and coordinate with other subcommittees
2019 Objectives:

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